Zak Brown Urges FIA to Intervene in Red Bull’s Dual F1 Team Ownership

McLaren CEO Zak Brown has raised concerns over Red Bull’s continued ownership of two Formula 1 teams, urging the FIA to intervene and assess the impact on the sport’s competitive landscape.

Initially established to provide a platform for Red Bull’s junior drivers, the junior team has seen successful promotions of talents such as Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo, Alex Albon, and the current world champion, Max Verstappen.

However, recent concerns have arisen regarding Red Bull’s dual ownership, particularly with the team’s intention to enhance technical collaboration between RB and the main team.

The 2024 lineup for RB features Daniel Ricciardo, an experienced driver retaining his seat, alongside Yuki Tsunoda entering his fourth season in F1. Notably, the technical collaboration extends to RB incorporating components from Red Bull’s dominant RB19, including the pull-rod suspension for the front of the car.

Zak Brown, a vocal critic of the increased synergy between RB and Red Bull, questions the compatibility of dual team ownership with the sport’s aim for a level playing field.

“I’m speaking in the wider interest of the sport,” Brown explained to Sky Sports F1. “If you look at every other major sport, there are A-B team relationships. When they started 15 years ago, it was because there were big gaps between the top teams and the bottom teams.”

“Now that there’s this great budget cap in place, all teams are pretty much running at the cap. It’s an equal playing field. To have A-B relationships and co-ownerships of two teams on a level playing field, it’s not what the fans expect. The FIA really need to do something about it.”