Spanish racing legend, Fernando Alonso, who finished sixth in the race, went on record to express that he believes this event will go down as one of the toughest in the history of Formula 1. The challenges faced by the drivers, both physical and mechanical, were notable, and Alonso’s firsthand account of the race offers a unique insight into the grueling conditions they endured.

Fernando Alonso’s experience during the Qatar Grand Prix was nothing short of physically demanding. He shared his thoughts during the race, exclaiming, “I was burning in the car.” This statement succinctly captured the harsh conditions drivers confronted as the race unfolded.

Alonso’s sixth-place finish was a testament to his resilience and endurance on the track. As he succinctly put it, “With so many stops, it was always exciting to try to attack the others and get on par.” He recognized the significance of scoring good points in this extremely challenging race, adding, “And look, we have scored good points in this very tough race, one of the toughest in the history that I have experienced without a doubt.”

But the difficulties didn’t stop there. During the race, Alonso encountered seat overheating issues, to the point where he requested his team to pour water on it through the radio. This was not just a mere inconvenience; it resulted in minor burns on his buttock and right arm, underscoring the severity of the conditions. Alonso candidly admitted after the race, “From lap 15, the seat was very hot, and I have a slight burn on the right side. The conditions have been very extreme.”

Aside from the scorching conditions, Alonso also faced a brief loss of control that allowed Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc to overtake him. Alonso acknowledged this setback, saying, “I lost options because of that mistake, yes, I would have regained Charles’ place because we also lost some part of the car on that track exit, it cost a little but nothing can be done now.”

Despite the challenges and the physical toll exacted by the Qatar Grand Prix, Fernando Alonso remains determined to push forward in his career. His focus now shifts to the USA Grand Prix in two weeks’ time, where he aims to continue his strong performances and score valuable points for his team. As he aptly summed up, “After Monza, we were ninth, in Singapore zero points, Japan ninth again, and here being in the top five all weekend has been a good surprise. We have been able to score good points in the race and [now we] see what we [can] achieve in Austin.”