Toto Wolff Threatens Christian Horner About Abu Dhabi ‘Robbery’

As the Formula 1 season concludes with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix this weekend, tensions between Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff and Red Bull counterpart Christian Horner have escalated, fueled by Horner’s recent comments about the 2021 season finale.

In a stern warning to Horner, Wolff cautioned against making comments about the contentious race that concluded the 2021 season, despite Red Bull having secured both titles well before the final race.

Horner, known for his outspoken nature, didn’t shy away from stirring the pot. He disclosed to the Daily Mail that he was approached by a representative of Lewis Hamilton earlier in the season. Furthermore, he criticized Mercedes for not pitting the seven-time World Champion during the closing laps of the controversial 2021 finale.

During a recent appearance on the Sky TV show ‘A League of Their Own,’ Horner argued that Mercedes should have taken advantage of the late Safety Car to recover Nicholas Latifi’s crashed Williams by pitting Hamilton.

Wolff, evidently affected by Horner’s comments, questioned the motivations behind the Red Bull boss’s remarks. He expressed his perplexity, stating, “I just don’t know what drives the guy. We don’t understand his thinking to come up with these things.”

Regarding Horner’s claim about Hamilton approaching Red Bull, Wolff clarified that it was the other way around. He revealed that it was Horner who sought Hamilton’s contact details through an agency they both work with, expressing interest in discussing the possibility of the British driver joining Red Bull.

Hamilton did engage in a conversation with Horner, but Wolff emphasized that it had nothing to do with a potential switch to Red Bull. Despite the frustration Mercedes faced throughout the season, Wolff dismissed Horner’s narrative as “completely off the mark” and questioned the thought process behind such statements.

In response to Horner’s comments about the 2021 season, Wolff emphasized that they were unnecessary, particularly considering Red Bull’s dominant performance throughout the current season. He urged Horner to focus on celebrating the victory and to refrain from making misguided remarks about the 2021 finale, expressing his bewilderment, stating, “I just wonder what’s going on up there.”

As the teams prepare for the final showdown in Abu Dhabi, the war of words between Wolff and Horner adds an extra layer of intrigue to an already thrilling season conclusion.