Toto Wolff Reflects on Lewis Hamilton’s Shocking Move to Ferrari

Lewis Hamilton sent shockwaves through Formula One in February when he announced he would be leaving Mercedes for Ferrari after the 2024 season. The news came just weeks after Drive to Survive featured Toto Wolff, Hamilton’s long-time team boss, stating he couldn’t envision the Briton in red.

“That is what he said to me,” Wolff admitted to the Independent when reminded of the show’s comments. “He said he was going to stay and then he decided to go. But people change their minds and circumstances change and you have to respect that.”

Despite the surprise departure, Wolff expressed no hard feelings. “Today’s opinion might be different tomorrow and I have no hard feelings,” he said.

In fact, Wolff believes Hamilton has a real shot at his record-breaking eighth championship title with Ferrari. “If Ferrari is able to give Lewis a competitive car, he can win a World Championship, there is no doubt about that,” he continued.

The two share a deep bond, and Wolff looks forward to their continued connection, even as rivals. “I will always have a personal relationship with Lewis and I will look back at the great times, professionally and personally. When Lewis moves to Ferrari he becomes a competitor but I will always wish him happy days.”

This isn’t the first time Wolff has spoken about Hamilton’s unexpected decision. “He left for the Christmas holiday and was Mercedes forever,” Wolff recalled of their pre-departure conversation. “He came back and said, can we have a coffee? … He came for the coffee … and he said, ‘I’m leaving to Ferrari’. And I said, ‘really?’”

Even with the news fresh, Wolff admitted, “I don’t think it suits him, but I think that picture is going to be interesting.”

Hamilton’s move marks the end of an era, closing the curtain on a dominant Mercedes partnership that delivered six driver’s championships, 82 Grand Prix wins, and eight constructors’ titles. However, both driver and team principal seem optimistic about the future, with Wolff even hinting at future congratulations if Hamilton secures that elusive eighth title.