Ted Kravitz Finds ‘Interesting’ Lewis Hamilton Conclusion From Red Bull Speculation

Sky F1’s Ted Kravitz recently delved into the intriguing prospect of Lewis Hamilton pitting himself against Max Verstappen in identical cars, shedding light on the matter and drawing attention to other well-positioned contenders.

Ted Kravitz, in his ‘Ted’s Podbook’ piece, highlighted the confidence exhibited by Lewis Hamilton as he backs himself against Max Verstappen, even in identical cars. “What I did find interesting about it, and maybe we shouldn’t be surprised at this, is that Hamilton believes that he can beat Max Verstappen in a Red Bull,” noted Kravitz. He emphasized that, given Hamilton’s seven-time World Champion status, such self-assurance is only natural.

Kravitz acknowledged the two seasons without a victory for Hamilton amid Mercedes’ struggle to match the Verstappen-Red Bull dominance. Despite the challenging circumstances, Hamilton’s belief in his ability to contend with Verstappen in equal machinery remains steadfast.

Kravitz expanded the conversation beyond Hamilton and Verstappen, introducing the names of other formidable drivers. He suggested that Aston Martin’s two-time World Champion Fernando Alonso and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc might share a similar mindset. “Is Hamilton the only person, maybe apart from Fernando Alonso and possibly Charles Leclerc, who feels and would be well-positioned to beat Max Verstappen in identical cars?” posed Kravitz, inviting fans to contemplate this scenario during their winter discussions.

Kravitz expressed a desire, shared by many fans, to witness a showdown between Hamilton, Alonso, or Leclerc against Max Verstappen in identical Red Bull machines. However, he acknowledged the unlikely nature of this scenario, given Red Bull’s stance against having two number one drivers in their team. Despite its improbability, Kravitz highlighted the instructive and interesting aspects of the story.