Sky Sports Pundit Believes Super Quick Driver Is Even Faster Than Max Verstappen Over One Lap

Sky Sports F1 pundit Anthony Davidson has expressed his belief that Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc is the speediest driver on the grid when it comes to one-lap pace. As Ferrari braces for a crucial 2024 season, Davidson shared his observations and expectations for the Monegasque driver.

With Lewis Hamilton set to join Ferrari next year, Leclerc faces a pivotal season to validate the team’s decision to maintain their trust in him. During the pre-season testing commentary on Sky Sports, Davidson highlighted his admiration for the 26-year-old driver, emphasizing the anticipation surrounding Leclerc’s performance in the upcoming season.

The testing period in Bahrain has offered insights into the competitive landscape, with Red Bull seemingly boasting the fastest car, particularly evident in Max Verstappen’s remarkable performance on the first day. Nevertheless, Ferrari found satisfaction in topping the timing sheets on Thursday, albeit in competition with Sergio Perez engaged in long simulation runs.

Davidson acknowledged the uncertainty of team standings until the qualifying rounds commence in Bahrain but expressed his confidence in Leclerc’s ability to outpace Verstappen over a single lap. This sentiment aligns with Martin Brundle’s view, and considering Leclerc’s achievements in securing the most pole positions outside of Red Bull last season, the expectations are high for the Ferrari driver.

Despite Leclerc’s prowess in qualifying, Davidson recognized a historical challenge for the driver – the Ferrari’s inability to maintain competitiveness over the entire race distance. Despite earning numerous pole positions in 2023, Leclerc faced difficulties converting them into victories, with teammate Carlos Sainz ultimately clinching the top spot in Singapore.

Speaking about Leclerc, Davidson noted, “He’ll just carry on doing what he does, driving super quick. I think he could be faster than Lewis in qualifying in his own team.”

Acknowledging Leclerc’s tendency to set up his car for optimal single-lap performance, Davidson suggested that this approach might explain Leclerc’s challenges in converting pole positions to wins. As the anticipation builds for Hamilton’s arrival at Ferrari, all eyes will be on Leclerc’s performance in the upcoming season.