Sergio Perez’s Commercial Appeal Key to Red Bull Seat, Says Ralf Schumacher

Sergio Perez’s future at Red Bull seems secure despite his current position in the Driver’s Championship, with commercial appeal outweighing on-track performance according to former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher.

While sitting in fifth place, Perez is reportedly on the verge of a contract extension that would see him remain with Red Bull until the end of 2025. This news comes as a surprise to many considering his struggles to consistently match teammate Max Verstappen’s pace.

Schumacher believes the key factor behind Red Bull’s decision lies outside the cockpit. “You shouldn’t forget, as long as Max Verstappen stays,” Schumacher told, “that’s what I’ve heard at least once, the budget limits are relatively tight at Red Bull, and Perez brings money.”

Perez, the sole Mexican driver on the F1 grid, boasts a massive and passionate fanbase across Central and North America. His popularity is undeniable, with grandstands erupting in support whenever the series visits Mexico’s Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez. This enthusiasm extends to the United States Grand Prix as well, where Perez’s contingent was famously vocal in booing Verstappen during the 2023 podium ceremony.

“Above all,” Perez’s father, Antonio, recently told Relovo, “he is the one with the most sponsors, more than Max and [Lewis] Hamilton combined. Companies all over the world turn to him, the best promoter of anything in the world is Sergio Perez. There is never of his merchandise left because it always sells out quickly.”

Perez’s sponsorship appeal seems to be the deciding factor in Red Bull’s eyes, with his ability to attract financial backing outweighing his current on-track performance.