Martin Brundle believes that Sergio Perez is set to continue his partnership with the Red Bull Racing Team in the upcoming 2024 season, regardless of the outcome of this year’s championship battle. Despite widespread speculation surrounding Perez’s future, Brundle is confident that Red Bull remains committed to honoring their existing contract with the Mexican driver.

Speaking on the matter, Brundle emphasized Red Bull’s intentions, stating, “I’ll stand by what I’ve said in the last couple of races. I believe Red Bull absolutely want to keep running Perez next year, and will do everything to make that happen. There is a contract in place and they don’t want to change, for any number of reasons. That’s what they’re aiming at, at the moment. I have been categorically told – by people who know – that it’s not about finishing second in the championship. He certainly needs to have solid races or where is he at, in his own head, going forwards? Right now, Perez has the Red Bull seat next year. No doubt about it.”

This perspective aligns with Red Bull’s previous assertions that they intend to see out the final year of Perez’s contract. Despite the ongoing debate over his championship position, Brundle’s sources have confirmed that the team is committed to retaining Perez for the 2024 season.

While the Formula 1 season has been marked by Red Bull’s dominance, Brundle’s colleague, Naomi Schiff, shed light on the importance of Perez’s performance in the context of next year’s competition. “It has to be said that, although Max has dominated the season, the race behind Red Bull has been solid,” she noted. “Now we’ve got McLaren, Mercedes, Ferrari with drivers who are quite close together, in cars that are competitive. Can Red Bull afford to have a driver who isn’t picking up the points, when next year might be a tighter competition?”

Schiff highlighted the potential need for Perez to regain his top form in 2024, as Red Bull will require a consistent and competitive driver to complement their championship aspirations.

In the event that Perez falls short of delivering the expected results, Schiff suggested that Daniel Ricciardo could emerge as a prime candidate for Red Bull. She stated, “At least, if you look at the Red Bull camp, the sister team, the talent they’ve got in their roster, he’s the most likely next candidate right now. What he did in Mexico proves that Daniel Ricciardo is back, to an extent. The time he had at McLaren was quite miserable. We all, including himself, doubted. What happened to Daniel Ricciardo? Because he was always a great driver. Moments like that go to show that when he’s got the car, he can deliver. Red Bull will look at a result like that and think he’s a definite candidate.”

Ricciardo’s recent resurgence, particularly at the Mexican Grand Prix, has not gone unnoticed, and it positions him as a strong alternative for Red Bull if they were to reassess their driver lineup for the 2024 season.

In conclusion, while the rumors and speculations continue to swirl regarding Sergio Perez’s future at Red Bull Racing, the consensus among experts, including Martin Brundle and Naomi Schiff, is that the team is inclined to stick with the Mexican driver for the upcoming season. Nevertheless, Perez’s performance in these final races of the season will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping Red Bull’s plans for the 2024 Formula 1 campaign.