Sergio Perez has vehemently denied these speculations, stating that he has “at least three to four more years” of racing left in him.

Perez, who has been grappling with a challenging season as he competes alongside his formidable teammate Max Verstappen, found himself in the midst of retirement rumors. It was suggested that Perez might choose to leave Red Bull before he is shown the exit.

The origin of this rumor can be traced back to a Reddit post made by an individual who claimed to have inside information from a representative of Escuderia Telmex. According to this source, the 33-year-old Perez would announce his retirement during the Mexican Grand Prix. The source also alleged that Red Bull had conveyed to Perez during the Japanese Grand Prix weekend that they would not retain him for the 2024 season, effectively breaking their existing contract.

In response to these rumors, Perez and his team engaged in discussions. These discussions eventually led to the decision that it might be time for him to conclude his career in Formula 1, with the official announcement slated for the Mexican Grand Prix weekend.

However, skepticism about these claims emerged, particularly from Perez’s social media and PR representative, Luis Alberto Aguirre, who expressed his doubts with laughter through a series of emojis. Additionally, multiple sources close to Perez contradicted the notion of his impending retirement, firmly asserting, “absolutely not happening.”

To put these rumors to rest, Sergio Perez himself has stepped forward to clarify his position. The six-time Grand Prix winner declared that he not only possesses a contract for the 2024 season but is also open to extending his Formula 1 career for an additional two or three years beyond that.

“Well, right now, I have a contract for next year,” Perez stated, according to Sports Illustrated. “And it will be important to have a good year. I have the motivation to continue, and I want to stay for more years because I believe that I still have a lot to give in Formula 1. I would like to stay in F1 for at least three to four more years.”

Perez’s future in the sport, it seems, hinges on his performance in the Drivers’ Championship. Reports suggest that he must secure second place, just behind his formidable teammate Max Verstappen. According to Globo, Perez is fully aware that he might encounter difficulties if he fails to maintain his second-place position in the Championship, contract or no contract.