Sebastian Vettel Eyes Red Bull F1 Return, But Team Advisor Plays Down Possibility

Four-time Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel has reportedly been in contact with Red Bull about a possible return to the team, according to Helmut Marko, a long-time advisor with significant influence over driver selection. However, Marko suggests a return might not be ideal and believes Vettel is more likely headed towards a future in endurance racing with Porsche.

Marko claimed the four-time F1 champion, who won all those titles with Red Bull, has brought up the idea of a comeback on multiple occasions. He said: “[Vettel] has repeatedly enquired with us, but I don’t think it would be pleasant for him to drive next to Max Verstappen.

“If I’m correctly informed, he seems to be moving towards Porsche and long-distance racing. I think that would be a very nice step for him.”

Vettel won all four of his F1 titles with Red Bull, and recent struggles by Sergio Perez, Verstappen’s current teammate, have opened questions about the future driver lineup. Despite Perez’s dip in form, Red Bull is reportedly prepared to offer him a contract extension, viewing him as the best option alongside Verstappen.

Marko revealed that Vettel, despite his retirement citing a desire for more family time, has expressed interest in a comeback on multiple occasions. However, Marko believes a return wouldn’t be ideal for Vettel, suggesting Porsche and long-distance racing would be a better fit.

While Vettel maintains he isn’t actively seeking a return to F1, he does acknowledge missing certain aspects of the sport. He seems content with his decision to retire and is focused on new challenges, although a part of him recognizes the thrill of competition.