Pundit Shares Theory Why Fernando Alonso May Have Angered Lewis Hamilton

Former Formula 1 driver turned Sky Sports pundit, Anthony Davidson, has put forward a compelling theory regarding Fernando Alonso’s puzzling ‘brake-checking manoeuvre’ on Lewis Hamilton. Davidson suggests that Alonso’s move was a strategic attempt to prevent Hamilton from gaining the Drag Reduction System (DRS) advantage on the run down to Turn 6.

Alonso, emerging from the pit lane after his final race pit stop, found himself just ahead of Hamilton on the track. As the cars approached Turn 5, the Aston Martin driver veered to the right, lifted off the throttle significantly, and then returned to the racing line for the corner entry.

Hamilton, clearly irked by Alonso’s actions, expressed his frustration, claiming, “He just brake-tested me. I got brake tested like way before the braking zone.” The incident left fans perplexed, and even co-commentator Martin Brundle struggled to explain Alonso’s motivations.

Anthony Davidson, however, has shed light on what he believes was Alonso’s calculated move. According to Davidson, as the cars approached a white line on the track, Alonso slammed on the brakes. Davidson pointed out, “And you know what that white line is? It’s the DRS detection point, isn’t it?”

Davidson took viewers through Alonso’s onboard footage, highlighting the Spaniard’s deliberate actions. “He gives a big old look to the right-hand side to check where the car is… there… and then to the left… and now slows down,” explained Davidson. He supported his theory with additional evidence, including the tone of the engine and Alonso’s steering wheel dash displaying a speed of 277 kilometres an hour at that specific point.