Pierre Gasly Draws Inspiration from Lewis Hamilton’s Positive Impact Beyond Formula 1

Formula 1 driver Pierre Gasly opened up about his admiration for Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton and the positive message he aims to spread outside the realm of motor racing.

Gasly, reflecting on his eventful first season with French team Alpine, acknowledged the influence of the seven-time champion as he navigates the challenges of his career. Despite being just 27 years old, Gasly has become one of the more experienced drivers on the grid, boasting 128 races and a notable victory in Italy in 2020.

Having emerged from the Red Bull academy, Gasly faced trials with Toro Rosso and AlphaTauri alongside a stint at Red Bull alongside Max Verstappen. Opting to join French team Alpine last year, Gasly has not only showcased his racing prowess but also forged a working relationship with teammate Esteban Ocon.

In addition to his on-track endeavors, Gasly, like many of his Formula 1 counterparts, recognizes the importance of maintaining a significant presence beyond the sport. He pointed to Lewis Hamilton as a prime example of someone who effectively uses their platform to share positive messages on a wide range of subjects.

Gasly emphasized the challenges of being in the public eye and the responsibility that comes with attempting to convey positive messages. He acknowledged Hamilton’s inspiring role in bringing attention to various important topics and highlighted the impact of the Mercedes driver’s massive social media following.

Gasly remarked, “Lewis [Hamilton] is very inspiring in that sense because he’s involved in bringing the spotlight on many different topics. I think it’s quite good for our young generation that we understand the power, obviously he’s got the biggest community, the biggest exposure, but we get a glimpse of what’s possible.”

Hamilton’s influence has undeniably altered the perception of Formula 1 beyond the confines of the sport. Gasly, among others, sees the importance of following Hamilton’s lead in using their platform to address broader issues.

As expectations for athletes extend beyond their on-track performances, Gasly, no longer a junior driver within F1, recognizes his responsibility to set an example for other drivers both on and off the grid. While acknowledging the importance of off-track contributions, Gasly remains focused on continuing his success on the track after a promising season with Alpine, setting his sights on achieving more than just podium finishes in the coming years.