Nico Rosberg Expresses Doubts About Daniel Ricciardo’s F1 Comeback

Former Formula 1 champion Nico Rosberg has shared his views on Daniel Ricciardo’s chances of winning another F1 race. Rosberg believes that the Australian driver’s path to victory appears challenging and somewhat “remote” at this point. Ricciardo’s journey back into the world of Formula 1 has been fraught with obstacles, including injury and changes in team dynamics. This article will delve into the insights Rosberg has provided and his recommendations for Ricciardo’s possible road to success.

The 2021 F1 season witnessed Daniel Ricciardo’s return to the grid after a brief hiatus, taking over Nyck de Vries’s position at AlphaTauri. However, his triumphant reentry was halted when he suffered an injury during a practice session before the Dutch Grand Prix. This setback forced Ricciardo to take some time off to recover, during which talented rookie Liam Lawson filled in for him.

As the F1 world anticipates Ricciardo’s return at the United States Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, questions about his chances of securing another race victory have arisen. Nico Rosberg, having won the F1 championship himself, shared his doubts about Ricciardo’s prospects.

Rosberg emphasized the importance of securing a spot in a top-tier team to enhance Ricciardo’s chances of clinching another race win. He pointed out that the Australian driver needs to deliver a stellar performance for AlphaTauri in the upcoming season.

Rosberg elaborated on the matter during a discussion on the Sky Sports F1 Podcast, stating, “Well, it’s definitely not going to be easy because, first of all, he needs to get himself into a top car. So, he needs to do a great season in AlphaTauri next year.”

Rosberg suggested that Ricciardo might even consider rejoining his former team, Red Bull, as an option. This could be a possibility if Sergio Perez, currently occupying the Red Bull seat, doesn’t return to stronger form in the next season.

The former F1 champion went on to discuss the potential timeframe for Ricciardo’s resurgence in the sport. He believed that once Ricciardo succeeds in securing a position within a top team, his chances of claiming another race win would significantly improve.

Rosberg expressed, “If [Ricciardo] does really well [in 2024], then I see no reason why not. If he gets into the number one team either sometime next year or the year after, 2025, then he will have a great shot at winning another race. So, there is a chance, but it’s still remote for now.”