Mick Schumacher Reveals ‘Special’ Thing He Saw From Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes

Mick Schumacher recently shared his observations on the unique dynamics he witnessed while closely watching Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes team throughout the 2023 season.

The German driver joined the Silver Arrows at the conclusion of the 2022 season after Haas decided to replace him with Nico Hulkenberg. Recognizing the possibility of Schumacher losing his grid position, Mercedes secured his services to support Hamilton and George Russell. While set to continue his role as an understudy for Hamilton and Russell in 2024, Schumacher will also compete in the World Endurance Championship (WEC) for Alpine. He is one of the six full-time Hypercar drivers for the French manufacturer, set to tackle events like Le Mans. Notably, Schumacher did not participate in any Formula 1 races in 2023, taking a hiatus after two seasons in the sport.

The absence of a race seat provided Schumacher with a unique opportunity to glean insights into the operational methods of Hamilton, Russell, and the Mercedes team. One aspect that particularly stood out to him was the remarkable non-verbal communication between Hamilton and Mercedes, cultivated over their 11 seasons together in Formula 1.

Reflecting on this, Schumacher shared, “I think that, for me, what people forget – I was aware of it but it’s still something which you don’t think too much about – is that everybody is human and [that] everybody has the same insecurities. That, for me, was my biggest learning. Some of the questions when driving myself which weren’t answered then, have been answered here.”

He further elaborated on the unspoken understanding developed between Hamilton and Mercedes, stating, “That everybody is going through some stuff especially while racing and it was great to have that experience. But also, obviously, you know why they are as good as they are because of the approaches they take.”

Schumacher expressed admiration for the deep connection Hamilton has forged with the team over the years. “It’s great to see also Lewis – who has been with the team for so long – the connection he has to the team. They can talk without using words and understand each other, and that I think is something which is quite special.”