McLaren Urgently Seeks Contract Extension for Lando Norris as Grid Excitement Grows

McLaren is urgently working to secure the continued services of their standout driver, Lando Norris, whose exceptional talent on the track has solidified his status as one of the grid’s most skilled competitors.

As reported by The Athletic, the buzz within the team is palpable regarding their current driver lineup, with particular excitement surrounding the meteoric rise of rookie sensation Oscar Piastri. The young Australian dazzled in his debut Formula 1 season, nearly reaching the 100-point milestone, achieving two podium finishes, and clinching victory in the Sprint Race in Qatar.

McLaren’s strategic move to lure Piastri from Alpine proved to be a masterstroke, but it’s Norris, his teammate, who has recently taken center stage. Following a significant upgrade package in Austria, Norris transformed into the driver everyone believed he could be. Since that race, only Max Verstappen has surpassed his podium count, leaving Norris on the brink of securing his maiden Formula 1 victory, a crucial milestone that would further cement his place among the elite drivers.

Recognizing Norris’s immense potential, McLaren is eager to secure his talents with a new long-term contract. However, uncertainties linger over whether the British driver shares the same enthusiasm, as he assesses potential opportunities that may arise elsewhere on the grid.

While McLaren’s commitment to their drivers is evident in Piastri’s recent contract extension until 2026, the looming question is whether Norris believes the team can provide a championship-worthy car. As the 2026 season approaches with a significant rule change, investing heavily in development in 2025 poses a risk for McLaren.

With the driver market expected to witness considerable shifts next year, enticing prospects at other manufacturers might sway Norris’s decision. Despite his existing contract running until the end of 2025, McLaren is reportedly keen on locking him down for an extended period.