Max Verstappen Explains Zero Interest in Watching Lewis Hamilton-Linked F1 Film

Formula 1 has been riding a wave of popularity, thanks in part to the success of Netflix’s Drive to Survive series. The latest addition to the world of F1 media is an upcoming film linked to Lewis Hamilton, featuring Hollywood heavyweight Brad Pitt. However, Max Verstappen, the reigning F1 champion, shared his perspective on the project, expressing appreciation for the clips but asserting that an over-dramatized portrayal of his profession doesn’t pique his interest.

In a recent interview with, Max Verstappen commented on the Hamilton-linked F1 film. While acknowledging Brad Pitt’s acting prowess and having seen clips from the movie during a drivers’ meeting before the US Grand Prix in Austin, Verstappen revealed, “Nice to see, but it doesn’t really interest me that much. I don’t need to see a film of my own sport. This film is, of course, a made-up story, and everything is always over-dramatized; you have to love that. I personally don’t have that much with that.”

Hamilton, through his production company Dawn Apollo Films, is playing a pivotal behind-the-scenes role in the Formula 1 movie. The film, currently in production, features Brad Pitt as a retired racer named Sonny Hayes, who comes out of retirement to mentor his young teammate Joshua Pearce, portrayed by Damson Idris.

Despite recent Hollywood strikes causing a pause in filming, Hamilton provided an update on the movie’s status. Filming is set to resume, albeit with a larger budget now anticipated. Hamilton stated, “In December, I’ll probably spend a day or so with Joe [Kosinski, director] and Jerry [Bruckheimer, producer], just going over the script.” He expressed confidence in the production, even if it might cost a bit more, highlighting the dedication of the demo drivers and the anticipation of continued success.

As Max Verstappen heads into the F1 2024 season following a record-breaking year of dominance in 2023, winning 19 out of 22 grands prix, the F1 community remains intrigued by the blend of Hollywood and motorsport. While the Hamilton-Brad Pitt F1 film may not be on Verstappen’s watchlist, its development adds another layer of excitement to the ever-evolving world of Formula 1.