Martin Brundle Suggests ‘World-Class’ F1 Driver Now Has a Damaged Reputation

Martin Brundle has voiced his concerns over Ferrari’s decision to drop Carlos Sainz and sign Lewis Hamilton, stating that the move may have damaged the Spanish driver’s reputation.

Brundle believes that Sainz is a ‘world-class’ driver. However, the unexpected signing of Hamilton by Ferrari during the transfer deadline day in early February has left Sainz without a seat for the 2025 season and potentially harmed his standing in the sport.

The negotiations between Ferrari and Sainz were reportedly in progress when the Scuderia seized the opportunity to bring in the seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton. Ferrari President John Elkann was quick to act upon learning that Hamilton had a release clause in his Mercedes contract, allowing him to join Ferrari.

Ferrari promptly abandoned talks with Sainz, whose existing contract with the team expires after 2024. Charles Leclerc, on the other hand, secured a new deal with Ferrari in January. Now, Sainz is left without a confirmed seat for the upcoming season, while Mercedes has a vacancy following Hamilton’s potential departure.

Mercedes could potentially target Sainz to replace Hamilton, as reported by Rebecca Clancy, who notes that the Madrid native is actively pursuing the vacant seat. Sainz, who has been a part of the Formula 1 grid since 2015, is a competitive driver with notable achievements, including a Grand Prix victory in Singapore last season.

However, Brundle raises concerns about how Mercedes might perceive Sainz as Ferrari’s ‘cast-off.’ He stated on Sky Sports F1, “The problem is that if you’re Mercedes-Benz, you know, he’s been kicked out of Ferrari, do you wanna? Does that have the right feel to take, sort of, Ferrari’s cast-off? Even if it was for Lewis Hamilton. That’s the cruel aspect of this. I think the kid’s world-class, and I think he’ll get a good seat.”