Martin Brundle Shares What Really Impressed Him About Oscar Piastri

Oscar Piastri concluded his remarkable rookie season in Formula 1 with an impressive sixth-place finish in Abu Dhabi, earning accolades from veteran commentator Martin Brundle.

Brundle, alongside David Croft, provided commentary during the Grand Prix, expressing their delight at witnessing Piastri’s stellar performance in his final outing as a rookie.

Throughout his debut season, the young Australian showcased exceptional skills and resilience. Despite McLaren’s early struggles, Piastri capitalized on the team’s car development improvements, delivering noteworthy performances on the track.

Brundle remarked, “It’s been hard to find anything negative to say about Oscar Piastri during his first season as a Formula 1 driver.” Piastri’s back-to-back podiums in Japan and Qatar, along with a maiden Sprint Race win, left an indelible mark on the season.

Commenting on Piastri’s performance, Brundle noted, “All eyes will be on just how fast his McLaren is in 2024 and whether they’ll be Red Bull’s closest competitors.” Speculating on the upcoming season, he added, “If they are, there’s no reason why he and Lando Norris can’t consistently fight with Max Verstappen at the front of the grid.”

During the Abu Dhabi race, Piastri demonstrated his defensive skills against formidable opponents. Facing off against George Russell, Croft commented, “Russell’s giving it a right old go here but he just can’t take that fourth place off the Australian driver.”

Brundle added his perspective, saying, “Piastri’s too wise for that one and too calm.” Later in the race, while battling Fernando Alonso, Piastri’s strategic decisions impressed Brundle. “He was confident enough that Alonso wasn’t going to lunge him and therefore he kept his momentum,” Brundle observed.

Piastri’s future in Formula 1 looks promising, having signed a long-term deal with McLaren midway through the season. Despite the uncertainties surrounding other rookies like Nyck de Vries and Logan Sargeant, Piastri’s potential has secured him a spot in the spotlight.

Brundle, likely to continue commentating on Piastri’s races in the foreseeable future, emphasized the significance of Piastri’s deal with McLaren, highlighting the team’s eagerness to secure him from Alpine last year.