Martin Brundle Now Believes Mercedes Want to Replace Lewis Hamilton With 27-Year-Old Driver

Sky Sports commentator Martin Brundle has suggested that Mercedes could be considering Alpine driver Esteban Ocon as a potential contender for the 2025 season. With Lewis Hamilton set to depart at the end of the current season, Toto Wolff faces a crucial decision in selecting a new partner for George Russell.

Speaking on the Sky Sports F1 Podcast, Brundle hinted at the possibility of Ocon making a significant career move to join forces with Russell. “They’ve got Esteban Ocon, I suspect that they want. They’ve got access to Carlos Sainz, maybe Fernando Alonso, they’ve got Mick Schumacher in their gang and any number of other drivers. I think they’ll see how this season goes, why do they need to jump now?” Brundle remarked.

The bombshell announcement of Hamilton’s move to Ferrari for the upcoming season has sent shockwaves through the Formula 1 paddock, creating an unexpected twist in the 2024 off-season. Toto Wolff now finds himself in a unique position with the opportunity to choose from a pool of talented drivers as Mercedes seeks to maintain its success over the past decade.

The potential vacancy alongside George Russell, unless Sergio Perez leaves Red Bull, is considered one of the most attractive seats on the grid. Brundle acknowledged this, stating, “Unless Sergio Perez leaves Red Bull, becoming George Russell’s teammate is likely the most attractive available seat on the grid.”

While Ocon’s 2023 season with Alpine didn’t feature standout performances, his ties to Mercedes and the promise of a faster car from Alpine for the upcoming season make him a compelling candidate. The French driver, who also aspires to compete in Le Mans, remains linked to Mercedes after coming through their academy.

Alpine’s commitment to providing Ocon and teammate Pierre Gasly with a more competitive car in the upcoming season adds an interesting dimension to the potential Mercedes move. Ocon, who achieved a podium finish in Monaco in 2023, may be eyeing a chance to compete for Mercedes in 2025, providing him with an opportunity to enhance his Formula 1 record with the team’s success.