Lewis Hamilton Beaten by George Russell in F1 Chart That Horner Won’t Like Seeing

The 2023 F1 damage cost chart paints a grim picture for some team bosses, with Logan Sargeant leading the pack with an estimated £3.4 million in expenses. However, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has reason to smile. Max Verstappen’s incredible season saw him become the only driver to compete in more than seven Grands Prix without a retirement, a testament to his remarkable achievement.

Reddit user basspro25chevy attributes this feat to a significant role in Verstappen’s remarkably low damage costs of just £273,000 in 2023. Surprisingly, Mercedes star George Russell takes second on the list despite three retirements throughout the year.

Russell suffered an engine failure in Australia, crashed out in Canada, and was forced to retire in Brazil due to rising oil temperatures in the power unit. Despite this, Russell is said to have incurred just £530,000 in damage costs, with Alfa Romeo’s Valtteri Bottas just behind him.

Fernando Alonso occupies fourth place, just ahead of Lewis Hamilton, who reportedly accumulated £696,000 in damages. This collectively gave Mercedes the best record in terms of least paid damages, with Russell and Hamilton combining for just £1.2 million.

That’s less than 14 drivers on the grid individually, with Sargeant being the worst offender. However, he was closely followed by Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz, who endured a challenging year.

A significant portion of Sainz’s repair costs likely stemmed from the devastating damage he suffered when he drove over a manhole cover in Las Vegas. He is said to have racked up damage costs totaling around £2.8 million, with Red Bull star Sergio Perez close behind.

The Mexican suffered heavy crashes in qualifying for races in Monaco and Australia before a disastrous race in Japan that resulted in two separate collisions with Lewis Hamilton and Kevin Magnussen. Perez is said to have cost Red Bull £2.5 million, meaning they have had to pay more than double what Mercedes spent on damage costs in 2023.

AlphaTauri and Alfa Romeo also had cheaper repair payouts this year than Red Bull. Every penny counts in F1, especially with repair costs falling under a team’s respective budget cap.

Christian Horner will hope for improved reliability from Perez next year, particularly with Red Bull facing another year with less wind tunnel time.