Former Formula 1 team manager, Peter Windsor, has expressed his belief that Lando Norris, the talented British driver, should explore the possibility of making a move to Audi in 2026. Norris, who is currently under contract with McLaren until the end of 2025, has been a subject of interest for Red Bull, as revealed by Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko. However, with Audi’s plans to enter Formula 1 as a factory team gaining momentum, Windsor sees an exciting opportunity for Norris to join their ranks.

Audi’s forthcoming entry as a factory team into the world of Formula 1, resulting from their majority takeover of Sauber, is set to make waves in the motorsport world. The German automaker has been actively working on their 2026 power unit, positioning themselves as one of the six factory teams to grace the Formula 1 grid in the 2026 season. Peter Windsor recognizes Audi’s potential in the sport, citing their remarkable success in other motorsport series and their expertise in electrification, which aligns with the upcoming 2026 Formula 1 regulations.

Adding to the allure of an Audi move for Lando Norris is his previous collaboration with Andreas Seidl at McLaren. Seidl, who previously led McLaren and left the team to take on the role of CEO at Sauber as part of Audi’s transition into Formula 1, provides a familiar face for Norris within the Audi project. Windsor contends that this association could make Audi the ideal destination for Norris should he decide to part ways with McLaren once his contract concludes in 2025.

Peter Windsor shared his perspective during a YouTube live stream, responding to fan questions. He acknowledged Red Bull’s interest in Norris, praising the driver’s skills and noting his compatibility with the Red Bull team. However, he expressed his personal preference for seeing Lando Norris in an Audi in 2026, alongside Théo Pourchaire in the other car. Windsor also emphasized his desire to see Liam Lawson in a Red Bull sooner rather than later.

Windsor’s vision for Norris’s future revolves around the enticing prospect of an Audi partnership. He speculates that Norris may not wish to remain with McLaren indefinitely, even though McLaren’s CEO, Zak Brown, has invested significantly in the young driver. Given a hypothetical call from Audi offering Norris a role as their number one driver from 2026 onwards, Windsor believes it would be challenging for Norris to decline such an opportunity, especially considering Audi’s strong track record in electrification and motorsport.