McLaren’s Lando Norris is optimistic about his team’s ability to challenge Red Bull Racing in the upcoming 2024 Formula 1 season. Despite Red Bull’s dominance this year, Norris sees promising signs of progress and is hopeful that McLaren can build on their achievements in the pursuit of victory.

Reflecting on McLaren’s performance this year, Norris expressed his satisfaction with the team’s ability to contend with Red Bull: “Since we brought this upgrade to Austria, I’ve been the second-highest scoring driver on the grid. I think we’ve been the second-highest scoring team, potentially. We’ve taken some massive steps forward, and considering we’re talking about fighting Red Bull, I think it’s still a very, very good thing what we’ve achieved this year.”

Acknowledging the challenging road ahead, Norris emphasized the necessity for further improvements over the winter to close the gap with Red Bull: “We know we still have plenty more things to come next year, so I’m excited.”

Norris acknowledged the formidable challenge posed by Red Bull and Max Verstappen, stating, “We’re talking about one of the best drivers in Formula 1 ever, in one of the most dominating cars. For us to go from where we were in Bahrain to getting close and talking about fighting a Red Bull, I think are very good signs for us.”

Despite the tough competition, Norris remained optimistic about McLaren’s prospects for the future: “There’s no point thinking of it until next year, but I’ll be optimistic, and I believe we can do it as a team.”