Lando Norris Makes Definitive Statement That Unwanted Streak Ends in F1 2024

Lando Norris is setting his sights on a coveted first win in the upcoming 2024 Formula 1 season. The McLaren driver, who amassed an impressive 205 points by the end of the season, expresses confidence that the podium streak will transition into a triumphant victory next year.

Norris, now leading an unprecedented field with the most podiums in F1 history without a win, remains undeterred by this statistic, considering his 13 career podiums a noteworthy accomplishment. However, driven by the pursuit of victories, Norris firmly believes that the upcoming season will be the opportune moment to secure his inaugural win.

In an interview with Sky Sports F1, Norris shared his optimism for the upcoming season, stating, “100% yeah, it’s going to be next year, and I’m with McLaren next year.” Emphasizing the significance of a strong start, he added, “If there’s ever a time in my life over the last five years I want to be a bit more confident, it’s probably going into ’24 because we just need to start the season off well.”

Reflecting on the challenges faced during the 2023 season, McLaren struggled initially to advance from Q1 due to a conceptual misdirection with the MCL60. Recognizing the issue early on, the team made significant strides in rectifying the situation, catapulting themselves to the forefront of the field during the European season.

Despite the initial setbacks, Norris considers the 2023 season among his best in the sport. He commented, “We’ll just forget about the first part because since Austria, it’s been definitely my best season in Formula 1.” Acknowledging the team’s collective effort, he expressed pride in the achievements, saying, “I’m very happy, I’m proud of the whole team that we finally found those things which allowed us to take that big step.”

However, Norris remains forward-looking, recognizing that there is still work to be done. He noted, “But we know as well there’s a lot more things we’ve got to do, if we keep working at it and hopefully next year we can get that next step.” As he anticipates the 2024 season, Norris exudes confidence that a robust start will be the key to breaking his win drought and establishing himself among the victors in Formula 1.