Lando Norris Considered Leaving McLaren During the Team’s Early Struggles in the F1 2023 Season

Lando Norris admitted considering a departure from the team during the challenging early stages of the 2023 Formula 1 season. The documentary series offers a unique glimpse into the intense world of F1, showcasing Norris’s internal struggles amid McLaren’s initial setbacks.

Norris, coming off his strongest season in 2022, faced a tumultuous start to the 2023 season with McLaren failing to meet their development targets. Despite a disappointing performance in the first eight races, Norris has recently committed to a multi-year contract extension with McLaren.

However, exclusive footage from Drive to Survive reveals Norris’s frustration after finishing last in the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix, contemplating a potential move to Red Bull. “I might just walk into Red Bull and steal their car,” Norris remarked, expressing his discontent with McLaren’s early struggles.

McLaren Chairman Zak Brown attempted to console Norris during a golf outing, reassuring him of the team’s potential improvement. Brown’s efforts, however, seemed futile as Norris, driving a golf buggy, candidly remarked, “F***, it’s quicker than our car, this!”

The series further captures Norris facing the media in Miami, where he struggled to confirm his commitment to McLaren for the 2024 season. McLaren’s press officer, anticipating increased media speculation, instructed Norris, Brown, and Oscar Piastri on handling difficult questions, emphasizing the team’s dedication and unity.

In response to the speculation surrounding Norris, Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner expressed admiration for the talented driver, stating, “I think Lando is one of the most talented drivers on the grid. If he’s delivering, he’d clearly be a winning driver.”

Horner acknowledged Red Bull’s interest in Norris, stating, “We’d certainly be interested in him. I think he’d fit in our environment. If he’s delivering, he just needs to make the right choice.”

Despite the rumors and uncertainties, McLaren emphasized the solidity of Norris’s contract, with Brown dismissing exit clauses. Norris himself admitted to contemplating a move away, stating, “I guess at times I would love to know what it’s like to be in other people’s positions.”