Lance Stroll remains committed to his Aston Martin team, even as he candidly acknowledges the frustrations he has encountered. Stroll, facing adversity this season and falling short compared to his teammate Fernando Alonso, has displayed his growing frustration both on and off the track.

After suffering an early exit during Q1 in Qatar, Stroll’s frustrations reached a tipping point, leading to an incident where he pushed his trainer. His interactions during interviews have also taken on a noticeably abrupt tone, reflecting his increasing discontent with his performance.

The situation has prompted former F1 racer turned broadcaster Christian Danner to voice concerns about Stroll’s commitment to the sport. Danner expressed his doubts, saying, “If someone approaches the matter with such listlessness, then there is a lack of fundamental love for this profession, for this privilege of being allowed to drive a Formula 1 car.” Danner emphasized that Stroll must evaluate his dedication to Formula 1 and decide whether he genuinely wishes to continue in the sport.

Danner elaborated, stating, “I think this decision-making process – what’s the point of all this, do I really want this – is what Stroll needs to do now. It’s no use just running around, being grumpy, and in a bad mood.”

In response to these concerns, Stroll refuted any notions that he has fallen out of love with Formula 1. The Canadian driver expressed his commitment to staying on the grid for the upcoming season, saying, “Yeah, I mean, the plan is I’m staying next year.” Stroll acknowledged the challenges he has faced this season, citing both remarkable highlights and notably frustrating days but remained resolute in his determination to continue in the sport.

The 2023 season marks the 25-year-old Stroll’s seventh season on the Formula 1 grid and his fifth with the Silverstone-based team, owned by his father, Lawrence Stroll.

In their most recent outing at the Mexican Grand Prix, neither Stroll nor Alonso managed to finish the race, highlighting a dismal weekend for the Aston Martin teammates. Looking ahead to the Brazilian Grand Prix, Stroll expressed optimism, revealing that the Aston Martin team has developed several ideas to enhance their competitiveness.

“We have a few ideas, for sure,” Stroll noted. “I think a lot of analysis has gone into last weekend, coming into this weekend. So yeah, we’ll see how we go.”

However, with Aston Martin acknowledging missteps with their in-season upgrades, the team’s performance has seen a decline, with six podium finishes in the first eight Grands Prix and only one podium since. When asked whether he believed the current car would be faster or slower than the Bahrain edition, Stroll admitted the uncertainty of the situation. He said, “I don’t know. It’s a good question. I mean, we started the season really strong. You know, always kind of fighting, finishing in the top five. And yeah, I mean coming into Bahrain, we were second, kind-of, quickest car. But it’s been more challenging lately.”

Stroll recognized the ongoing development race in Formula 1, with teams continually improving their cars throughout the year. He concluded, “So, I think there’s no doubt teams have improved. It’s a relative game. No one has the same car that they had at the first race of the season. So tough to say, but yeah, good question.”