Formula 1 race winner John Watson recently shared his insights on the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix, expressing the belief that F1 organizers are eagerly hoping for Lewis Hamilton’s victory in the iconic event. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Watson discussed the anticipation surrounding this new addition to the F1 calendar, which promises to be a thrilling spectacle with all 20 cars racing down the renowned Las Vegas Strip.

“The excitement around this new event is palpable, and the Formula 1 owners are keen to make a significant impact in the United States by expanding the calendar with another race,” Watson remarked. He highlighted the unique appeal of Miami as a destination event and the traditional Formula 1 race at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in contrast to the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix.

With the ambition of turning Las Vegas into a transatlantic version of Monaco, organizers are temporarily shutting down parts of the city during the race, making it a compelling reason for motorsport enthusiasts to be in Sin City over the weekend.

Watson, acknowledging the strategic importance of the race, believes that F1 would ideally want Lewis Hamilton to clinch victory in the inaugural race on the Las Vegas circuit, given the seven-time world champion’s immense popularity in the United States. Noting the limited number of homegrown drivers for American fans to rally behind, Watson mentioned Williams driver Logan Sargeant but emphasized Hamilton’s broader appeal.

“By far the best known in the world and certainly in North America is Lewis,” Watson stated. “He knows how to get the crowd going. If I were in charge of Formula One, I’d do everything within my power to make sure that, by hook or by crook, he wins in Las Vegas. If he doesn’t, someone’s not doing their job.”

As Hamilton continues his quest for his first win of the season, Watson highlighted the significance of a potential victory in Las Vegas, particularly after Mercedes faced challenges in the previous race in Brazil. The cooler temperatures in Las Vegas could play to Mercedes’ advantage, but they still need to find pace to close the gap with Red Bull.

Reflecting on Hamilton’s performance in the previous season, where he went winless for the first time in his F1 career, Watson pointed out the possibility of Hamilton matching that record in 2023. Securing a victory in Las Vegas would indeed be a remarkable achievement for both Hamilton and the Mercedes team, adding another chapter to their storied history in Formula 1.