Helmut Marko Unveils Max Verstappen’s Reaction to Hamilton’s Move to Ferrari

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko has disclosed Max Verstappen’s reaction to the recent news of Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari. While Hamilton has remained silent on the matter publicly, Marko revealed, “He was just amused.”

Hamilton had expressed that joining Ferrari was a fulfillment of a ‘childhood dream.’ However, Marko suggested that the decline of Mercedes in recent years may have influenced the British driver’s decision. “That completely surprised me too. A sporting sensation, especially the timing. One wonders how this came about,” Marko remarked.

“Mercedes was overtaken by Ferrari in the second half of 2023, and McLaren was also faster. Maybe Hamilton noticed something that the outside world doesn’t yet know. That doesn’t change anything for us, except that I see it as weakening Mercedes. Whether it strengthens Ferrari remains to be seen. Overall, this has an incredible impact, right down to the stock market prices. It’s great that something is happening,” Marko added.

Marko further discussed the typical mindset in such situations, stating, “Normally, in a situation like this, your mind is already more focused on the new team. The current team cannot let him take part in any serious innovations because he would, of course, take them with him. The whole thing is excellent for sports, better than Netflix.”

During the unveiling of Mercedes’ new W15 challenger, Hamilton shared his emotions about returning to the team’s Brackley base, saying, “It’s obviously been emotional. It’s very surreal to be here given I came here in 2013, so 11 years with the team, starting my 12th, and it is such a privilege to work with a group of people where you see the work they’re doing over winter.”

Despite recent challenges, Hamilton expressed his determination to end his time at Mercedes on a high note, stating, “The learnings of the past two years have helped us find our direction. It’s enabled us to find our north star. It’s still going to be a work in progress, but we will face whatever challenges present themselves with our heads up with open minds, and work through diligently.”

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff acknowledged the need for reinvention, stating, “As the saying goes: when it stings, it sticks. I believe the previous two years were necessary for us to readjust, recalibrate, and reinvent ourselves in certain areas.”

“No sports team has won every single championship they participated in. That is just a fact. I think we pushed the needle very far, but we also knew that there would be a time when things would become more challenging. And this is what happened in 2022 and 2023. But it also means that you are obliged to change without throwing away all the goodness already in the team. You want to keep the good parts and work on the things that you need to develop,” Wolff emphasized.

“That root-and-branch approach is never easy. But we’ve made progress and look forward to taking the next step with the W15. It won’t be a linear path, but when we stumble, we will get back up and keep on climbing,” Wolff concluded.