Sergio Perez is in a precarious position due to his recent performance slump, and it seems that his contractual “problem” might intensify if Red Bull identifies better immediate opportunities.

These concerns come directly from Dr. Helmut Marko, a prominent figure within the Red Bull Racing organization. Dr. Marko acknowledges that Perez, at 33 years old, has a signed and sealed contract that extends through 2024, complete with multiple sponsors. This contractual commitment should theoretically provide stability for Perez, but his recent struggles on the track have raised questions about his future with the team.

Red Bull Racing has been enjoying technical dominance in the world of Formula 1, primarily thanks to their star driver, Max Verstappen. However, Sergio Perez’s performance has been less than stellar, jeopardizing his second place in the drivers’ championship. Dr. Marko recognizes the situation and insists that they are doing everything they can to help Perez regain his form.

Dr. Marko stated, “I repeat myself, but Perez has a contract, and we want to respect it. We’re doing everything we can to get him back on track.” Nevertheless, it’s evident that the team’s dissatisfaction with Perez’s current performance is not entirely hidden. Dr. Marko remarked, “We just don’t have any alternatives. Otherwise, he might have a problem.”

Red Bull Racing does have a wealth of talent within its ranks for the future, but those talents have their own unique circumstances. Yuki Tsunoda, a rising star, has been linked with Honda’s Aston Martin team, while Liam Lawson is a relatively fresh rookie and might not be an ideal partner for the triple world champion, Max Verstappen.

One intriguing name mentioned in the conversation is Daniel Ricciardo. The Australian driver might have been considered a contender for Perez’s 2024 seat, but an unfortunate hand injury has sidelined him, leaving fans and experts to speculate about the team’s future plans. Dr. Marko remarked, “At the moment, I only see one person who could come close to keeping up with Max – Fernando Alonso.”

The prospect of Max Verstappen, who clinched his third world title, offering support to Perez in his bid to retain second place in the 2023 drivers’ championship was also addressed. Dr. Marko dismissed the idea, stating, “No. Max won’t help him.”

Former Formula 1 driver Ralf Schumacher is among those who anticipate a change in Red Bull’s driver lineup. He stated, “At the moment, it speaks in favor of Marko and Red Bull that they respect Perez’s contract. But I am firmly convinced that they will replace him with Daniel Ricciardo at the beginning of next season if he continues like this. And unfortunately, I think that will be the case.”

As the Formula 1 season progresses, Sergio Perez’s future with Red Bull Racing remains uncertain. While the team remains committed to respecting his contract, the pressure to perform at the highest level in the sport could potentially lead to changes on the horizon. Formula 1 enthusiasts around the world will be eagerly watching as the drama unfolds on and off the track.