Helmut Marko Addresses Alonso’s Role in Red Bull Speculation

Helmut Marko has made a rather intriguing statement. While Marko alluded to the “consequences” of these rumors, he also voiced his belief that Fernando Alonso might have been the catalyst behind these speculations.

The speculation began to gain traction during the Mexican Grand Prix when Sergio Perez met an unfortunate end by crashing on the opening lap. Social media ignited with rumors, initially sparked by the Spanish journalist Albert Fabrega, hinting at a significant shift in the Formula 1 driver landscape.

“I don’t want to believe the rumor that they have told me now in the paddock. No,” Fabrega wrote on X, discrediting the initial rumor that was circulating.

Fabrega later clarified that the rumors had “nothing to do with driver exchanges between teams, or withdrawals.” However, these rumors soon spiraled out of control, with conjectures ranging from Alonso taking Perez’s Red Bull seat to the possibility of the Spaniard quitting Formula 1 at the end of the season.

Alonso, understandably frustrated by becoming the center of attention due to these speculations, addressed the issue during a media session with Brazilian journalists, including Julianne Cerasoli. He expressed his respect for the professional journalists who have been in the field for years, diligently performing their roles.

Alonso asserted, “These rumors are coming from people who are not in this room, who are just doing this for fun. But there are consequences.”

While Alonso discussed the repercussions of such rumors, Marko put forth an intriguing perspective. He suggested that Alonso might have played a role in the rumors swirling around him. Marko conveyed this belief to F1-Insider.com, stating, “As for the rumors about Alonso: I can well imagine that Alonso spread them himself because his results with Aston Martin have been very disappointing recently after the brilliant start to the season.”

Marko continued to elaborate on his theory, saying, “It wouldn’t be the first time that he used his home media to create a mood.”

However, Marko reiterated that the primary focus of Red Bull was on their sporting goals, which they intend to pursue until the conclusion of the season in Abu Dhabi. He affirmed, “Once again and for the record: We only have sporting goals in mind that we will keep ourselves busy with until the last race in Abu Dhabi. And they are, we want to win all the races and make it clear to Perez that he is the runner-up.”

The 80-year-old Red Bull motorsport advisor emphatically denied the rumors that Perez was on the brink of losing his job, reaffirming Red Bull’s commitment to his contract through 2024.

“This is all completely out of thin air,” Marko stated emphatically. “Both Christian Horner and I have emphasized several times that Perez will also drive with us next year, regardless of the results. He has a contract, and we will stick to it!”

In the world of Formula 1, rumors and speculations are a constant presence, often sparked by a variety of sources. While Marko’s perspective on Alonso’s potential involvement in this particular rumor mill is intriguing, the future of Red Bull Racing and its drivers remains a focal point of intrigue for fans and experts alike.