FIA President Speaks Out on Christian Horner Investigation Damaging F1

In the aftermath of a meeting with Red Bull Racing Team Principal Christian Horner in Bahrain, FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem refrained from disclosing specifics but emphasized the detrimental impact of recent headlines on Formula 1.

Regarding the investigation into Horner’s alleged misconduct, Red Bull’s Salzburg-based parent company, Red Bull GmbH, cleared him of any wrongdoing. However, 24 hours later, Horner found himself back in the spotlight when an email surfaced containing purported information related to the investigation.

Despite releasing a personal statement vowing not to engage in “anonymous speculation,” Horner faced scrutiny that, according to Ben Sulayem, is “damaging” to both the sport and individuals involved.

In a private meeting between Ben Sulayem and Horner, details remained undisclosed, but the FIA President spoke to the Financial Times afterward, reiterating the harmful consequences of the ongoing saga for Formula 1.

“It’s damaging the sport… This is damaging on a human level,” remarked Ben Sulayem, emphasizing the need to shield the sport from negativity. He underscored the significance of enjoying the beginning of the season and the growing popularity of F1, questioning the overshadowing of competition with unwarranted negativity.

Ben Sulayem clarified that the FIA had no plans to initiate its own investigation, as no formal complaint had been lodged with the governing body.

Former F1 driver turned pundit, Martin Brundle, expressed his dismay at the situation, deeming it a “horrible situation” for all parties involved. Brundle highlighted the adverse impact on F1, where the focus shifts from racing to off-track controversies.

“My personal take is that I am very sad about the whole thing; a lot of people are getting dragged into this,” Brundle commented on Sky Sports. “It feels to me like this is the beginning of the story rather than the end of it, but we will have to wait and see. What we do know is that all allegations have been denied, and that it’s just a horrible situation, whichever way you look at it, isn’t it?”