Ferrari Expresses Disappointment with 2023 Formula 1 Season, Vows to Bounce Back in 2024

Charles Leclerc expressed his disappointment with the team’s campaign, which saw them surrender their Constructors’ Championship title to Red Bull.

After a triumphant return to the top of the standings in 2022, Ferrari entered the 2023 season with heightened expectations of challenging for the championship. However, the reality proved to be a harsh contrast, as Red Bull asserted its dominance, securing victory in an astonishing 21 out of 22 races.

Leclerc, who concluded the season on a positive note with two podium finishes in the final rounds, admitted that the overall performance of Ferrari was disheartening. Reflecting on the challenging season, he acknowledged the team’s shortcomings.

“To be honest, it’s been a disappointing season,” Leclerc conceded. “After last year, we expected to come to this season and try and fight for the championship, which after the first race, we straightaway understood how difficult it will be compared to the Red Bull that had done a huge step forward, especially in race pace. We didn’t do the same step. So from that moment onwards, it was a bit disappointing.”

Despite the setbacks, there were moments of brilliance for Ferrari during the campaign. The team secured a victory at the Singapore Grand Prix, marking the only instance in the year when Red Bull was defeated. Leclerc acknowledged the achievement but highlighted the significant gap that still exists between Ferrari and Red Bull.

“On the other hand, if you just look at this season – forget about last season – I think we’ve progressed quite a lot throughout the season, which is positive and makes me confident for the future,” Leclerc noted. “But there’s a big gap to fill to get back [to] the Red Bulls, so we’ll work hard during the winter break. Hopefully, we’ll come back stronger next year with a car that is capable of winning.”

Leclerc’s reflections underscore the challenges faced by Ferrari in a season dominated by Red Bull, emphasizing the need for strategic improvements and a competitive edge as they look ahead to the upcoming F1 season.