Fernando Alonso’s Whatsapp Messages Show His True Colours Away From the Track

Aston Martin team principal, Mike Krack, recently showered praise on the Spanish racing legend for his remarkable work ethic, emphasizing the impact Alonso has had on the team over the past year.

“What Fernando has brought us is just outstanding,” Krack expressed in an interview with Aston Martin’s official website. “He drives us on and makes us better; it’s that simple, really. He is hugely ambitious and wants to be fighting for podiums every weekend.”

Alonso, often hailed as one of the greatest talents of his generation, concluded the 2023 season with a commendable fourth place in the Drivers’ Championship standings, accompanied by eight podium finishes. Krack, recognizing Alonso’s stellar performance, provided valuable insights into the driver’s approach and mindset.

“The experience he brings is invaluable, but also the commitment,” Krack continued. “He isn’t one of those drivers who turn up on a race weekend, does their thing and then disappears. There’s always another question, another WhatsApp message pinging in, constantly looking for things we could improve.”

The relentless work ethic displayed by Alonso serves as a testament to his determination and distinguishes him as one of the most dedicated racers in Formula 1. Even after the culmination of the season, Alonso remains focused on improvement, indicating his unwavering commitment to helping Aston Martin evolve in the upcoming seasons.

“Having him prowling around behind you provides all the motivation anyone could need,” Krack added optimistically. “I’m looking forward to what he can do in 2024 now that he’s had a year to fully bed into Aston Martin.”

As Alonso heads into his 21st year on the F1 grid in 2024, the 42-year-old driver remains driven and eager to contribute to Aston Martin’s success. While his current contract extends until the end of the next season, Krack has already expressed openness to the idea of extending Alonso’s stay with the team.

“I think I don’t have to answer that question,” Krack stated emphatically when questioned about offering Alonso a new contract. “Absolutely, yes. As a team, we were blown away from the first day. I think we have received a remarkable team player, constructive at all times, especially when it was difficult.”

Highlighting Alonso’s team spirit, Krack reflected on a challenging moment in the season, specifically the Mexico race, where both drivers showcased their loyalty and resilience.

“When the car was competitive, or more competitive, it’s obviously easier to be constructive, but the true qualities came out. Let’s take this Mexico example, that both drivers, it would have been easy to take the microphones and slam the team, go against the team, and it would probably have been deserved.”

“But I think the true qualities of the team-playing character of both drivers came out in that time. And, for me, that is one of the highlights of the season, as a team, that we managed to stick together in that time,” Krack concluded, underlining the significance of teamwork and Alonso’s pivotal role in fostering a positive team dynamic at Aston Martin.