Fernando Alonso Reflects on Aston Martin’s 2023 F1 Campaign and Outlines Areas for Improvement

Fernando Alonso has taken a moment to assess the team’s performance and highlight some of the challenges they faced throughout the year. Aston Martin experienced a noteworthy breakthrough in 2023, showcasing the second-fastest car on the grid at certain points during the season. However, they faced a slight regression, ultimately engaging in a battle for fourth place in the standings with McLaren as they approached the final race weekend.

Despite finishing behind McLaren by 22 points, this marked a substantial improvement from Aston Martin’s seventh-place finishes in the constructors’ championship in both 2021 and 2022.

Speaking to the press, Alonso emphasized the need for greater consistency in the team’s performance. He noted, “I think we need to find some consistency. One of the weak points is that the car has to operate in a very narrow window. It is the same for everybody, but it seems that we struggle a little bit, and it will be nice if we can perform always at a stable level next year.”

Alonso also identified another area for improvement, stating, “Also, we can improve the straight-line speed. Our weak point always is a little bit too slow on the straights, and if we want to be as fast as the others, we need to drop too much the rear wing, and then we end up slowing in the corners as well. So that was probably the loop that we could not get out of this season.”

Despite these challenges, Alonso acknowledged the positive aspects of Aston Martin’s 2023 campaign, particularly in the early races. Securing six podiums in the first eight races, he often found himself as Red Bull’s closest challenger in the initial half of the season.

Remarkably, Alonso rated his 2023 campaign higher than his championship-winning seasons with Renault in 2005 and 2006. He attributed the success to the team’s strategic execution and motivation, stating, “The strength is the execution of the strategy and motivation of the team. We are a happy team. We are a young team. We are celebrating every result as a win. And this energy, it is important to keep it for next year.”

As Aston Martin reflects on the positives and challenges of the 2023 season, Alonso’s insights provide valuable perspective as they gear up for the upcoming Formula 1 campaign. The quest for greater consistency and enhanced straight-line speed will undoubtedly be focal points as the team strives for continued improvement and success on the track.