Fernando Alonso Comments on Max Verstappen and Michael Schumacher F1 Comparisons

Fernando Alonso recently shared his thoughts on Verstappen’s career trajectory. He remarked, “It’s too early to tell whether Max Verstappen is in the same bracket as seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher, but I expect Verstappen to reach that level eventually.”

Verstappen’s meteoric rise reached a significant milestone at the 2023 Qatar Grand Prix Sprint Race when he clinched his third Formula 1 drivers’ championship, all while still in his mid-twenties at the age of 26. Red Bull Racing, the team that Verstappen has been closely associated with, shows no signs of relinquishing their grip on the sport anytime soon.

Max Verstappen has not only been rewriting the history books but also setting numerous records along the way. In 2023, he achieved the remarkable feat of securing the most consecutive wins in a single season, further solidifying his place as one of the sport’s premier talents. However, when asked about Verstappen’s legacy compared to the all-time greats, Alonso was cautious, stating, “Maybe, we have to wait and see. I think the next few years will be even better for Max, to be honest. He’ll keep adding championships, so we will compare to Michael even closer in the future.”

Fernando Alonso himself holds a prominent place in Formula 1 history. He was the driver who managed to break Michael Schumacher’s stranglehold on the sport, claiming his first drivers’ title in 2005. This accomplishment came after Schumacher’s five consecutive championships for Ferrari. Alonso’s victory was a turning point in F1, signaling the end of an era dominated by the German racing legend.

Despite his initial success, Alonso has not been able to add a third championship to his illustrious career. As Verstappen continues to ascend in the world of Formula 1, it’s likely that he will surpass Alonso’s achievements in the near future.

Alonso also praised Verstappen’s recent championship win, acknowledging that it was well-deserved, even in the face of Red Bull Racing’s dominance with their RB19 car. Throughout the season, the RB19 was outperformed by competitors only once in 16 races, underlining the exceptional level of their performance.