Fernando Alonso Blasts Unfair Pre-Season Testing and Calls for Huge Overhaul

Fernando Alonso has raised concerns over the fairness of the current pre-season testing format in Formula 1, calling for significant changes to be implemented starting in 2025. As F1 stars converge on Bahrain for this week’s three-day test, the first Grand Prix of the year looms less than two weeks away.

Alonso, gearing up for his second season at Aston Martin, and his fellow competitors are set to commence testing on Wednesday at the Bahrain International Circuit. However, the format of one car per team per day has drawn criticism from the two-time world champion.

“We have a very limited testing in Bahrain, which is, and by the way I can say now, I’ve been thinking all winter about this, how unfair it is that we have one day and a half to prepare for a world championship,” expressed the Spaniard.

Alonso suggested two potential solutions to address the perceived imbalance. He proposed extending the testing period to four days or allowing both cars of each team to be on the track simultaneously.

“There’s no other sport in the world… With all the money involved, and with all the marketing and the good things that we say about Formula 1, and being closer and closer to the fans, I cannot understand why we then go to Bahrain for four days, which could be two and two for [each of] the drivers,” Alonso remarked.

“If you go for three [days], which is not even, which is an odd number, you cannot divide it [equally] between the drivers. And I don’t know why we don’t go with two cars.”

Alonso, eager to make a lasting impression in his final season before the expiration of his Aston Martin contract, emphasized the importance of adequate preparation for the championship. The 42-year-old’s stellar performance last year positions him as a potential candidate to take Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes seat in 2025.

“If we cannot reach an agreement I know that I am attractive to other teams,” Alonso hinted during Aston Martin’s AMR24 launch earlier this month. “I will not stay in Formula One just to have fun. I am not that kind of person and not that kind of driver. Let’s see what the options are. There are only three world champions on the grid and I am the only one available for 2025, so I am in a good position.”