In the heat of a dramatic sprint shootout, tensions flared between former teammates Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso, resulting in a fiery exchange of words and a collision that left the Formula 1 world buzzing. The incident, which occurred just a year after they were teammates, once again brought their on-track rivalry to the forefront.

Ocon and Alonso found themselves entangled in a collision that seemed to be rooted in a lack of communication. Alonso was cruising on an out lap, cautiously navigating the circuit. In contrast, Ocon was on a flying lap, charging towards the finish line. As Ocon attempted to overtake Alonso around the Curva do Sol, a sequence of events unfolded that culminated in a devastating impact.

It appeared that the Alpine driver, Ocon, had taken too much kerb at the Senna S section of the track, causing him to lose control of his car. In a moment of chaos, Ocon’s vehicle crashed into Alonso’s Aston Martin, inflicting significant damage. The outcome was unfavorable for Ocon, as his car’s rear right tire was dislodged, rendering him helpless as he careened into the track’s barrier.

On the other hand, Alonso managed to limp his wounded car back to the pits, but his hopes of participating in SQ2 were dashed. Despite the best efforts of his team, it became evident that the damage was too severe for a quick repair.

The question of blame hung in the air, waiting for the stewards’ verdict. Ocon, however, seemed resolute in his stance. He didn’t mince words when he referred to his former Alpine teammate as a “f**king idiot,” a statement reflecting his frustration and anger in the aftermath of the incident.

Alonso, though, offered a differing perspective, indicating to his race engineer that he believed Ocon was at fault, saying, “he went into me, I think.” This divergence in their views only added more intrigue to the incident and left fans speculating about the stewards’ final decision.

As the motorsport world awaits the stewards’ ruling on the incident, one thing is certain: the clash between Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso has rekindled the rivalry between these two formidable drivers, making for a compelling storyline in Formula 1.