Eddie Jordan Critiques George Russell’s 2023 Performance, Highlights Hamilton’s Dominance

former Formula 1 team owner Eddie Jordan openly discussed his observations on the performance of Mercedes driver George Russell this season, expressing that Russell has appeared ‘second-rate’ when compared to his teammate Lewis Hamilton.

During the podcast, Jordan engaged in a conversation with former Formula 1 drivers Martin Donnelly and David Coulthard as they delved into the ongoing Formula 1 season, analyzing the drivers’ performances thus far.

“We’re reaching the point in the season where we can start to assess how each driver fared in 2023,” noted Jordan, setting the stage for a comprehensive evaluation.

The season has unfolded with intense battles on multiple fronts, keeping fans on the edge of their seats. The race for the fourth position in the drivers’ standings between Carlos Sainz, Fernando Alonso, and Lando Norris promises to go down to the wire. Meanwhile, Mercedes and Ferrari are locked in a close battle for second place in the Constructors’ Championship, with just four points separating the two teams.

Notably, Lewis Hamilton is poised to finish as the best of the rest this season, trailing behind the two dominant Red Bull cars, despite not securing a victory throughout the year.

Eddie Jordan didn’t mince words when expressing his disappointment with George Russell’s performance in 2023. Despite signing a new contract with Mercedes, Russell will conclude the season in eighth place in the championship, with only one podium finish to his name.

Reflecting on Russell’s season, Jordan remarked, “He’s had his fair share of bad luck this season and will finish eighth in the championship, having only finished in the top three once. He’s still earned himself a new contract at Mercedes but will know he needs to up his game going into 2024.”

The podcast hosts also discussed Lewis Hamilton’s remarkable longevity in Formula 1. Martin Donnelly marveled at Hamilton’s enduring passion for the sport, saying, “To still have that mojo to keep doing that, year in, year out.” In response, Eddie Jordan highlighted the stark performance contrast between Hamilton and Russell, stating, “And honestly, he’s making George [Russell] look a bit second-rate now at the moment.”

The initial optimism surrounding Russell’s potential at the beginning of the year has waned, with Jordan recalling, “And George at the beginning we were thinking at the beginning of the year, he’s mustard, he’s world-class.”

Donnelly added his perspective, noting Russell’s competition with other top drivers: “He’s performing against Lando [Norris], [Charles] Leclerc, even Max [Verstappen] is still looking over his shoulder.”