Eddie Jordan believes Oscar Piastri is the only person who can stop Max Verstappen

Formula 1 pundit Eddie Jordan predicts that McLaren’s Oscar Piastri could emerge as Max Verstappen’s closest rival in the years to come.

Piastri made a significant impact on the F1 landscape in the 2023 Qatar Grand Prix weekend, securing his first-ever Formula 1 victory in the 19-lap Sprint Race. He also outqualified his McLaren teammate Lando Norris on Saturday.

Jordan, who holds significant weight in the F1 world, was effusive in his praise for Piastri, stating: “I have the height of respect for this kid, and I think he’s got a massive future. Let’s see what happens.”

Many Formula 1 enthusiasts echo Jordan’s sentiments, recognizing Piastri as a driver with immense promise. His remarkable speed, particularly for a rookie, has placed Norris in a challenging position as McLaren’s number-one driver.

However, the ultimate test lies in McLaren’s ability to develop a competitive car that can challenge the dominance of Red Bull, Verstappen’s current team. If they can achieve this, Oscar Piastri will undoubtedly back himself to give Max Verstappen a run for his money.

In the fiercely competitive world of Formula 1, the sport is in dire need of a team and driver capable of challenging the Red Bull and Verstappen dynasty. Oscar Piastri, with his burgeoning talent and determination, may very well emerge as the contender to break the reigning champion’s stranglehold on the sport. The future of Formula 1 racing promises to be exciting, with Piastri’s rise capturing the imagination of fans and pundits alike.