Eddie Jordan Admits He’s Changed His Mind About 25-Year-Old F1 Driver He Never Used to Rate

Former F1 team principal Eddie Jordan opened up about his changing opinion on Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll during the 2023 Formula 1 season. Jordan, engaged in a discussion with David Coulthard, shared his insights on the season that saw Max Verstappen’s dominance and intriguing battles down the grid.

As the season concluded, Mercedes and Ferrari were vying for the runners-up spot, while McLaren aimed to fend off Aston Martin for fourth place in the Constructors’ Championship. Despite challenges, both Aston Martin drivers secured points in the final race at Abu Dhabi. Fernando Alonso’s stellar leadership had initially positioned the team as contenders for challenging the Red Bulls, securing six podiums in the first eight races. However, the team faced struggles with upgrades, while Lance Stroll experienced a late resurgence after a challenging period compared to his more seasoned teammate.

Eddie Jordan, who initially had reservations about Lance Stroll’s presence in Formula 1, admitted to reassessing his stance. Acknowledging his unique position as the son of Lawrence Stroll, the chairman of Aston Martin, Jordan now believes Stroll has earned his spot on the grid. Jordan shared a memory of a past critique, stating, “I remember Lawrence Stroll coming to me to say, why did you say on Channel 4, I think I said, would Lance Stroll get a drive without his father’s help or influence? And he wasn’t happy about that.”

While Eddie Jordan has revised his opinion on Stroll’s suitability for Formula 1, he still doubts whether Stroll can become a number one driver. Jordan expressed, “But he’s never going to be a number one driver from what I can see at the moment.” Considering the competitive landscape of the current grid, the article suggests that it’s challenging to envision Stroll as a lead driver. The comparison is drawn to other drivers, such as Alex Albon, who, despite being in a less competitive car, is seen as more clearly a number one driver.