Italian racing driver and commentator Davide Valsecchi openly shared his enthusiasm for the idea of Fernando Alonso stepping into the Red Bull racing team, potentially replacing Sergio Perez in the upcoming seasons.

Valsecchi began by reflecting on the ongoing 2023 season, acknowledging Max Verstappen’s dominance at the forefront of the grid. However, he pointed out the struggle of Verstappen’s teammate, Sergio Perez, who initially had a strong start but faced challenges in keeping up with Verstappen’s pace. Perez’s performance is expected to secure him a second-place finish in the driver’s standings, narrowly ahead of Lewis Hamilton.

Highlighting Alonso’s journey in the midst of the season, Valsecchi acknowledged that the Spaniard faced challenges with Aston Martin’s direction in upgrades. Despite this, Alonso showcased his exceptional speed, notably securing a podium by fending off Perez on the final lap in Brazil.

Valsecchi, impressed by Alonso’s performance, expressed his desire to see the two-time world champion competing alongside Verstappen at Red Bull. He emphasized Alonso’s racing tenacity and humility, noting, “Fernando has been challenging the best in the world this year.” Valsecchi praised Alonso’s dedication, describing it as a lesson for the entire Formula 1 grid.

The Italian commentator went on to share his belief that Alonso, despite being 42 years old, deserves a spot in one of the fastest cars on the grid. Valsecchi commended Alonso’s fighting spirit, stating, “He fights like crazy for a podium even though he has won two World Championships.”

Expressing skepticism about a younger driver like Verstappen matching Alonso’s speed, Valsecchi acknowledged the potential for a spectacular show if they were to compete in the same car. He concluded by expressing his hope that Red Bull would consider bringing Alonso on board.

Valsecchi’s sentiments resonate with many Formula 1 fans who find the prospect of Alonso joining Red Bull highly entertaining. While such a move might be considered a surprise, the ongoing pressure on Perez to narrow the gap with Verstappen raises questions about the team’s future lineup. As Alonso can’t continue indefinitely, speculation arises about whether he would choose to retire with Aston Martin if they don’t challenge at the front of the grid, making a move to a competitive team like Red Bull a tantalizing possibility for the veteran driver.