Daniel Ricciardo Identifies Two Strong Favourites for Bahrain Grand Prix

Daniel Ricciardo has identified Red Bull and Ferrari as the “strong favourites to be on the podium” during the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Following three days of intensive testing last week, teams in the F1 fraternity witnessed a preliminary pecking order taking shape. The prevailing sentiment, particularly for the Bahrain race, suggests that Red Bull is poised to assert dominance, with Ferrari closely positioned to mount a competitive challenge.

Expressing his viewpoint on the expected pecking order, Ricciardo commented, “I think from what me kind of being a viewer [can see], it looks like Red Bull and Ferrari would be the strong favourites to be on the podium here in a week. Anything can happen, but I think they certainly seem like they’re pretty good at the moment.”

However, despite his optimistic outlook for the leading teams, Ricciardo acknowledged the unpredictable nature of F1, stating, “Anything can happen.” He emphasized the fluidity of race outcomes while affirming the current strength of Red Bull and Ferrari.

Ricciardo’s own team, Red Bull Racing, is currently perceived as the sixth-best team heading into the Bahrain Grand Prix. Assessments suggest that Alpine has taken a notable step back, while, under the AlphaTauri banner, they historically outpaced Williams, Sauber, and Haas.

Addressing his team’s aspirations for the season, Ricciardo tempered expectations, stating, “I know people are getting pretty excited about us, but I’m trying to just bring it back down. I think we’re probably where we expected to be. Obviously, we do want to get stronger as the year goes on and establish ourselves at the front of the midfield, but I think now we’ll be hopefully a Q3 and top 10 car, but to be much more than that, I think that’s probably getting too excited.”

With the Bahrain Grand Prix just around the corner, the F1 community awaits with bated breath to witness whether Red Bull and Ferrari can live up to their “strong favourite” status in the season opener.