Damon Hill Predicts Who Will Defeat Max Verstappen at the Canadian Grand Prix

Formula 1 is witnessing a resurgent grid battle with Red Bull’s dominance finally under threat. After dropping two out of the last three races, a far cry from their staggering 22 wins in 2023, the competition is heating up.

Damon Hill, speaking on the F1 Nation Podcast, offered his bold prediction for the upcoming Canadian Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen, who cruised to victory last year, faces a much tougher challenge this time. Hill acknowledged Verstappen’s concerns, suggesting a potential upset for the reigning champion.

The former F1 champion believes McLaren drivers Oscar Piastri and Lando Norris have a shot at finishing ahead of Verstappen. Hill is impressed by McLaren’s progress and has high hopes for their young Australian driver.

“It’s getting more difficult, that’s a good thing,” Hill said. “Weather, obviously, discount that factor, it will be more difficult to win this for [Verstappen].”

Hill then elaborated on his McLaren prediction: “Let’s say Oscar [Piastri] is buoyed and has a little bit of an extra motivation having seen his teammate win one and he knew that he was on the front row at Imola and it’s a similar kind of track from demands of the car. Let’s say Oscar can do it.”

“What about an all-McLaren front row in Canada?” Hill added, surprising the podcast host. “It can happen, it’s not impossible!”

Host Tom Clarkson summarized Hill’s prediction: “So, your podium is Oscar, from Lando, from Max, that’s how I’ve interpreted that?”

“Yeah, that’s going to be a headache for McLaren isn’t it, working out a strategy for those two if they’re both leading, but it’s a new problem,” Hill concluded, hinting at a delightful dilemma for the resurgent McLaren team.