Damon Hill Predicts Surprise Result That Sees Max Verstappen Lose Bahrain Grand Prix

Formula 1 legend Damon Hill has made a surprising prediction for the upcoming Bahrain Grand Prix, throwing a curveball into the anticipation surrounding the first race of the 2024 season. Hill, a former world champion himself, voiced his expectations on the latest episode of the F1 Nation Podcast, leaving fans intrigued with his unexpected podium picks.

When asked about his top three finishers for the Bahrain Grand Prix, Hill revealed, “My podium for the Bahrain Grand Prix, the opening race of the 2024 season is as follows. In reverse order, Fernando Alonso, and then the next is going to be Checo Perez. And then the winner is going to be, a totally stunned world is going to see… Lewis [Hamilton] is going to win it.”

Hill continued to explain his prediction, stating, “And that’s because both Red Bulls have sprung a leak and they’ve overheated or got some sort of technical problem they didn’t realise was going to happen. And that’s not wishful thinking, I just think we’re going to get a surprise result, at least I hope!”

The prediction of Lewis Hamilton emerging as the winner in Bahrain came as a shock to many, considering the dominance of Red Bull, led by current world champion Max Verstappen. Hill acknowledged the odds but stood by his forecast, emphasizing that the potential technical issues with the Red Bull cars could play a decisive role.

“Mercedes have looked good in pre-season but have not been close to the pace of Red Bull and may even be behind Ferrari. With Hamilton’s future already sealed for 2025, he would love to start his final year with Mercedes on the front foot,” the former champion remarked.

As the F1 community eagerly awaits the start of the 2024 season, Hill’s bold prediction has added an extra layer of excitement and speculation, leaving fans wondering if a surprise upset could indeed be in store for the Bahrain Grand Prix.