Damon Hill Left With Egg on His Face After Claiming F1 Star ‘Joined the Wrong Team’

Oscar Piastri has defied the skeptics, notably Damon Hill, as he embarked on his Formula 1 journey with McLaren. The Australian driver, who had previously been part of the Alpine team’s driver academy, made a high-profile switch that triggered a legal dispute between McLaren and Alpine.

The Initial Doubts:
McLaren faced challenges at the beginning of the 2023 season, missing car development targets and struggling in the initial races. Damon Hill, the 1996 world champion and Sky Sports F1 pundit, had expressed skepticism about Piastri’s decision, suggesting that the young driver might regret choosing McLaren over Alpine. Hill remarked in March, “Alpine are good at the moment – they don’t set the world on fire, but they look more competitive than McLaren.”

The Turnaround:
Despite the initial setbacks, Piastri’s performance during the season proved his mettle. McLaren, under the guidance of Lando Norris, made crucial upgrades that transformed the car into a more competitive machine. While Piastri couldn’t outpace Norris, he demonstrated his skill and determination, culminating in a remarkable rookie season.

Impressive Rookie Season:
Piastri finished the 2023 season in ninth place in the championship standings, accumulating 97 points. His season included two Grand Prix podiums and a Sprint race victory, showcasing his ability to adapt to the challenges of Formula 1. By the end of the year, Piastri had earned widespread acclaim, and the doubts raised by Damon Hill had been laid to rest.

Hill’s Changed Perspective:
Damon Hill, along with Sky Sports colleague Anthony Davidson, acknowledged Piastri’s achievements and evolution over the course of the season. Hill admitted, “He’s done fantastically well to cope with all those [new tracks].” Davidson, a former Super Aguri racer, praised Piastri’s rookie season, noting that he consistently challenged Lando Norris in qualifying.

Oscar Piastri’s debut season with McLaren serves as a testament to his talent and resilience. Overcoming initial doubts and challenges, he not only held his own against a formidable teammate but also earned praise for his performance on the track. As Piastri looks ahead to future seasons, his successful rookie campaign has undoubtedly silenced critics and established him as a rising star in Formula 1.