The 2023 Formula 1 season has not been kind to Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc, with setbacks and missed opportunities characterizing the campaign. Commentator and pundit Davide Valsecchi weighs in on the challenges faced by the Monegasque driver and the Prancing Horse team, shedding light on their struggles throughout the season.

Davide Valsecchi, offering his insights into Leclerc’s season, suggests that Ferrari’s overall performance has contributed to the driver’s lack of joy in 2023. He remarks, “It’s hard to be optimistic now. I’m struggling to see a positive aspect of Ferrari this year other than their one-lap speed.” Valsecchi acknowledges the team’s proficiency in qualifying at certain tracks but emphasizes their inability to convert these performances into substantial points.

Ferrari’s in-race strategy has come under scrutiny, and despite being competitive on numerous circuits, they have struggled to capitalize on their qualifying success. Valsecchi notes, “After Monza and Singapore, I was very optimistic, but then there weren’t many steps forward compared to the competition.” He points out the team’s persistent bad luck and questions their in-race decision-making, suggesting that such factors have hindered Leclerc’s overall performance.

Charles Leclerc, currently occupying the seventh position in the driver’s standings, has faced his fair share of challenges. Despite securing pole position on four occasions, he has been unable to convert those opportunities into race wins. Valsecchi comments on Leclerc’s season, stating, “He [Charles Leclerc] didn’t have an exceptional season, and in the races where he was making a difference, like in Brazil, he was the victim of technical problems.” The incident in Brazil, where Leclerc’s car failed on the way to the grid, serves as a poignant example of the challenges faced by the driver.

Leclerc’s three retirements in the 2023 season surpass those of any driver above him in the standings, highlighting a significant issue that both the driver and Ferrari need to address. As the season concludes with the final two Grand Prix in Las Vegas, there is a collective hope that Ferrari can rectify their in-race challenges and pave the way for a more successful campaign in the upcoming year. If they are to consistently challenge powerhouse Red Bull on race day, improvements in strategy and reliability will be crucial for the Prancing Horse team.