The 2023 season got off to a rocky start for Ferrari as they grappled with extracting performance from the unpredictable SF-23. The inconsistent displays frustrated the loyal Tifosi, especially when compared to their stellar performance in the opening races of 2022. Nevertheless, Ferrari remains a team with a rich history and an enduring spirit, always poised for a comeback.

Carlos Sainz, a key figure in the Ferrari lineup, recently spoke to the Spanish media about the Scuderia’s championship hopes for 2024. He expressed his optimism, saying, “I am always optimistic before the season starts.” Reflecting on the previous year’s challenges, he continued, “I was also optimistic last year, and we stumbled. You have to be.” Sainz noted that when evaluating the last two years, Ferrari has been the only team capable of standing up to Red Bull on occasion, especially in the first half of the previous season. He pointed to their victory in Singapore and a podium finish in Monza as indicators of their potential.

Since the introduction of the new regulations, Red Bull has seemed unbeatable. However, Sainz firmly believes that if anyone can challenge Red Bull and occasionally secure victories, it’s Ferrari. He said, “I think I’m in the best place to try again next year, but there are still six races left, and we have to focus on what we can improve to arrive prepared.”

If Sainz’s prediction holds true, it could spell trouble for Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton. The 38-year-old British racing legend is still in pursuit of his record-breaking eighth World Championship but has been unable to compete for wins in the ground-effect era due to his team’s ongoing struggles.

In the 2023 season, George Russell claimed his first career win in Brazil, marking the Silver Arrows’ sole triumph in the new regulation period. Unfortunately, they have yet to record a victory in 2023. On the other hand, Ferrari and Sainz secured their first win of the year in Singapore last month.

Heading into the final five races of the season, Ferrari and Mercedes are separated by just 28 points. However, Ferrari has displayed greater strength, especially since the summer break, raising doubts about Mercedes’ prospects in the 2024 season. The tides of Formula 1 seem to be shifting, and all eyes are now on Ferrari to see if they can indeed challenge Red Bull’s dominance and potentially reshape the future of the sport.