Aston Martin Engineer Planning Revenge on Lance Stroll

In a dramatic turn of events at the Qatar Grand Prix, tensions flared between Lance Stroll, and his trainer, Henry Howe. The incident, which saw Stroll push Howe, has since taken a peculiar twist, with Stroll acknowledging his error and Howe poised to exact his “revenge” in an unconventional manner.

The drama unfolded after Lance Stroll’s dismal performance during the Qatar Grand Prix qualifying session, where he crashed out of Q1 in Lusail. Clearly devastated by his display on the track, Stroll’s frustration appeared to reach its peak when he returned to Aston Martin’s garage.

As he made his way to the garage exit, Stroll forcefully shoved Henry Howe, his trainer. What initially seemed like a fleeting moment of tension escalated as Howe followed the driver, prompting Stroll to push him even harder. This incident left observers baffled and concerned about the relationship between the driver and his trainer.

However, recent developments suggest that Lance Stroll has taken steps to mend fences. Sky Sports reporter Ted Kravitz reported that Stroll has issued an apology to Henry Howe for his actions, acknowledging that they had crossed a line.

Kravitz shared Stroll’s side of the story, explaining, “Henry was trying to get him to go out the front of the garage to do the walk of shame down to the FIA weighbridge, and that’s why Lance, all full of emotion and adrenaline, disappointed in himself, Lance is his own harshest critic, was really annoyed that he hadn’t performed himself and in a moment pushed away his trainer Henry.”

Stroll’s contrition didn’t end with a mere apology, though. The intriguing aspect of this story is the unusual resolution to their dispute. Stroll has reportedly expressed his belief that Henry Howe will have his “revenge” during their future training sessions. This unexpected turn suggests that their relationship, characterized as being akin to that of brothers, is far from ordinary.

Ted Kravitz, sharing this intriguing twist, said, “He says he’s apologized to Henry, but he says they’re like brothers and Henry is going to get his own back on Lance when he next puts him through one of his training sessions. And that Lance is absolutely sure that Henry will have his revenge on the push, which didn’t look cool for Lance Stroll, but Lance has apologized about it to Henry.”

Despite the controversial incident, Kravitz emphasized that both parties have moved on from the altercation. He noted, “So he said that they’ve all moved on and you can understand that even though it wasn’t a cool look, that when they’re as close as they are, as a driver always is to his trainer, that these things can happen in the heat of the moment.”