Albon Shares the Secrets of Verstappen’s Unique Driving Style

Alex Albon provided insights into his time as Max Verstappen’s teammate and shed light on the distinctive elements that define the triple world champion’s driving style.

Albon, who spent one-and-a-half seasons alongside Verstappen, was promoted from Toro Rosso (now AlphaTauri) midway through his debut 2019 campaign. Despite retaining his place into 2020, Albon struggled to match the pace and consistency of the Dutchman, leading to his demotion to a reserve driver role for 2021. This turn of events prompted Albon to explore new opportunities in his quest to return to the Formula 1 grid.

During the podcast, Albon delved into what makes Max Verstappen’s driving style exceptional. He likened Verstappen to Michael Schumacher of Ferrari, suggesting that the car seemed built around him. However, Albon emphasized that the car’s performance was a result of Verstappen’s exceptional speed and a driving style that is not easy to emulate.

Albon explained, “Max has quite a unique driving style. It’s not that easy to get along with. Everyone has a driving style, and I would say my driving style is a bit more on the smooth side. Max does too, but his level of sharp and direct is a whole different level – it’s eye-wateringly sharp.”

To help listeners grasp the intensity of Verstappen’s driving style, Albon used an analogy, comparing it to a computer game with the sensitivity set to the maximum. “It becomes so sharp that it makes you a little bit tense,” he remarked.

Albon went on to describe a “snowball” effect that occurs as the season progresses and car developments are introduced. He explained how, over time, Verstappen’s desire for a sharper front-end puts increasing pressure on the teammate in the opposite car. Albon shared, “As it goes sharper and sharper, he goes quicker and quicker, and for you to catch up, you have to start taking a little bit more risk.”